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Fun new flavors join the menus of 1st Phorm’s pre-workout and protein bar

1st phorm candy burst project 1

1st Phorm has released two fun and creative flavors, one for its fairly simple and balanced stimulant pre-workout Project-1, and another for its tasty protein bar, the Level-1 Bar. As mentioned, both of the flavors are quite fun and lighthearted, mixed with a little bit of nostalgia to take you back to your child, all while getting the benefits of each product.

The new addition to 1st Phorm’s Project-1 menu is the candy-themed creation Candy Burst, which takes the pre-workout’s total number of options from three to four. As for the brand’s Level-1 protein bar, the new flavor there is slightly more common with Birthday Cake, packing 20g of protein per bar, 19g of carbohydrates, 13g of fat, and 260 calories.

Both the Candy Burst Project-1 and Birthday Cake Level-1 Bar are now in stock and available for purchase from 1st Phorm’s online store, with the former at $46.99 and the latter $79.99 for two 15-bar boxes.