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4+ Nutrition launches a simple and straightforward MCT oil supplement

4 nutrition keto mct oil

The team at 4+ Nutrition has a new essential supplement this week, and while it is new to the brand and its fans, it is something we’ve seen a lot of companies incorporate into their lineups over the years. The name of the product is Keto MCT Oil+, which is exactly that and nothing else, with a bottle of the popular keto-friendly MCTs sourced from coconut oil.

The MCTs in 4+ Nutrition’s Keto MCT Oil+ is broken down into 59% caprylic acid and 41% capric acid. Each 15ml serving of the supplement provides 14g of fat with its total bottle volume being half a liter, so you’ll get about 33 servings out of it. As mentioned, coconut sourced MCTs is the only ingredient in the product, with no flavor and a price of €35 (38.93 USD).

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