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Ancient Nutrition continues to do things differently with its first-ever plant protein

ancient nutrition plant protein

Ancient Nutrition does have a large selection of protein powders, but they are far from your traditional sports nutrition selection of whey and blends. The brand has Multi Collagen Protein, Keto Protein, its original Bone Broth Protein, and even a Bone Broth Protein Bar, and has now introduced its first more mainstream type protein competitor with ‘Plant Protein’.

Ancient Nutrition’s newest protein powder is an organic, plant-based, vegan-friendly supplement. While it is a more common type of protein compared to its others, the brand has still made this one a bit different by infusing it with a blend of adaptogenic ingredients. Alongside the plant protein sources, there is added ashwagandha, reishi, cordyceps, ginseng, rhodiola, holy basil, and more.

The macros on Ancient Nutrition’s Plant Protein start with a strong 15g of protein coming from a variety of ingredients including pumpkin, flaxseed, hemp, sacha inchi, sunflower, watermelon, and chia seed protein. The other numbers filling out the product’s nutrition profile are 4g of carbohydrates with 2g of that fiber, 2.5g of fat, and an even total of 100 calories.

Like most supplements, those macros vary across the three flavors available for Ancient Nutrition’s Plant Protein, of which there are three in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Berry. The brand’s website is stocking the product at a fairly high price of $39.95 for a tub of just 12 servings, with a variety bundle also available that gets you a tub of every flavor at $36 each.