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Bulk Powders releases another MCT product in more traditional liquid form

bulk powders mct oil

The popular and comprehensive UK company Bulk Powders has launched a new MCT product this week that comes in a slightly more traditional format. The brand did already have MCT supplements in its lineup with straight MCTs sourced from coconut, in basic powder form, and with several sizes to choose from, including 100g, half a kilogram, and a large one kilogram.

Bulk Powders’ latest release is MCT Oil, featuring MCTs sourced from coconut in liquid form, with a breakdown of 60% C8 MCTs and 40% C10. Straightforward medium chain triglyceride oil (MCTs) is the only ingredient in the product, which unlike the brand’s MCT powder, comes in the one size with a half-liter bottle, priced at £14.99 (18.90 USD) from

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