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C4 Carbonated launching in Canada with a simpler formula due to regulations

c4 carbonated relaunching in canada

Cellucor’s energy drink C4 Carbonated was previously available in Canada but not officially, although in the coming weeks, it is finally getting that full launch with a slightly different formula. The beverage is expected to arrive sometime next month and will be available from all of the brand’s usual retail partners, including the likes of Top Nutrition, who stocks a solid selection of functional products.

Compared to the C4 energy drink you get in the US, the version coming to Canada has a simpler formula due to the country’s heavy regulations. The original features beta-alanine, BetaPower betaine, pure citrulline, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and 200mg of caffeine. The upcoming Canadian beverage has 30% less caffeine at 140mg, 1.25g of taurine, and a light 400mg of arginine, with no beta-alanine, betaine, or citrulline.

Once again, the new C4 Carbonated for Canada is currently expected to launch sometime next month in three flavors, which true to the original, all have zero sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. Those flavors are three of the four Cellucor first launched for the energy drink in Twisted Limeade, Frozen Bombsicle, and Tropical Blast.