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New and improved Pump The Chaos coming next week with 50% more actives

chaos crew pump the chaos extreme

It was only last year that Chaos Crew launched its stimulant-free pre-workout Pump The Chaos, which is formulated primarily to enhance muscle pumps. Roughly one year on from that, the growing UK brand is looking to launch an improved version of the supplement with a better combination of ingredients that still aims to maximize pumps during your workout.

Chaos Crew’s new Pump The Chaos is called Pump The Chaos Extreme, which takes the majority of ingredients from the original formula and increases them. The brand has doubled the amount of citrulline and the S7 blend you get per serving, taking them from 3g and 50mg to 6g and 100mg, respectively, as well as increased Vaso6 from 300mg to 360mg.

chaos crew pump the chaos extreme

Like the regular Pump The Chaos, Chaos Crew’s Pump The Chaos Extreme does have a few other ingredients outside of the citrulline, S7, and Vaso6. The pump enhancing pre-workout also comes with the same amounts of taurine, vitamin C, and AstraGin, plus added bitter melon, and no more tyrosine, which was in the original, so it’s now even more about pumps.

Chaos Crew is looking to launch its new and more extreme Pump The Chaos Extreme, in the UK, sometime next week with the same amount of servings per tub at 25. As for its flavor options, the supplement will be hitting shelves with three to choose from Blueberry Lemonade, Peach Rings, and Juicy Fruit.