Clean Drink partners with the car company Koenigsegg for a special edition flavor

Jun 3rd, 2020
clean drink koenigsegg

The Swedish brand Clean Drink has finally unveiled its long-awaited and well-hyped beverage, and it is not what we expected. The company’s latest creation is actually a collaboration, and not with a fellow fitness or nutrition brand. Clean Drink has teamed up with the Swedish premium car manufacturer Koenigsegg, for a special flavor of its flagship energy drink.

As previously confirmed, the product features a little less caffeine compared to Clean Drink’s other flavors with 105mg to boost energy, as opposed to 180mg. As far as we know, it still has all of the other features that make up the functional beverage, including a handful of vitamins and minerals, BCAAs, glutamine, and zero sugar.

The flavor of the Clean Drink and Koenigsegg, which is referred to as the Green Power Edition, is said to be a unique combination of lemon and elderberry. It features an alternative, black and yellow can design to make the product stand out that little bit more. Also included on the packaging are the well-established sports car company’s regular text and Ghost logos.

The lemon and elderberry-flavored energy drink from Clean Drink and Koenigsegg is due to be available from all of the beverage brand’s Swedish stores and stockists soon.

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