Darkside teases its new and improved pre-workout Ultra Pre Extreme

darkside revamping ultra pre to ultra pre extreme

Ultra Pre-Workout is one of Darkside Supplements’ two flagship products, the other being its weight loss formula Ultra Stim Burner. Ultra Pre is of course, a pre-workout, and in the coming weeks and months, it is being revamped. The brand is planning to transform the popular supplement into Ultra Pre Extreme, which will bring about a number of changes.

Darkside Supplements’ upcoming sequel pre-workout is going to feature an improved combination of ingredients and dosages, although still aiming to deliver a well-rounded experience. Ultra Pre Extreme also isn’t a sequel to be sold alongside the original Ultra Pre-Workout, it will in fact be replacing it, keeping the brand’s total number of pre-workouts at one.

We’re not sure exactly when Darkside Supplements plans on dropping its upgraded Ultra Pre Extreme, only that it’s coming soon. Another important detail is the flavors of the product are going to be improved as well. The brand has yet to confirm the names of any of its flavors, just that they’re better than the original, making for an entirely revamped experience.

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