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Health and wellness focused line of supplements coming soon from Dragon Pharma

dragon pharma rx series

An all-new line of supplements is coming soon from Dragon Pharma, who has spent a lot of the past few months revamping and reformulating some of its most popular products. The upcoming collection is the Dragon Pharma RX Series, which will be made up of more general, health and wellness type formulas that can be taken alongside all of the brand’s other supplements.

The few details that we do know are that the line will feature dedicated products to support joint, gut, and organ health. Each of the Dragon Pharma formulas will be full transparent and packed with reliable and effective ingredients backed by research. We aren’t sure exactly how many supplements the brand plans to have at launch, but it sounds like there will be quite a few.

More information on Dragon Pharma’s RX Series is due to be shared within the coming weeks, as the line of general health products isn’t all that far away. The brand is looking to release the all-new collection of supplements sometime this month, so be sure to stay tuned if you’re a fan of Dragon Pharma, and even more so if you’ve enjoyed everything it’s done so far this year.