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Craze creator Driven Sports drops its theromgenic fat burner Thermo-Fuze

driven sports thermo-fuze

Driven Sports, the long-running supplement company most known for its original stimulant pre-workout Craze, from back in the DMAA-era, has a new product this week in ‘Thermo-Fuze’. The supplement is indeed a thermogenic fat burning formula, created to enhance energy, focus, and mood; suppress and control your appetite; and of course, help with overall weight loss.

Like most of the supplements from Driven Sports, Thermo-Fuze wraps all of its ingredients in a non-transparent blend, so you don’t know how much of each you get per serving, including the caffeine. Packed into each capsule of the product is a 660mg combination of b-phenylethylamine, caffeine, erythropalum scandens, green tea, green coffee, psoralea extract, and alchornea floribunda.

driven sports thermo-fuze

Driven Sports has launched Thermo-Fuze through its direct-to-consumer online store and at a special introductory price of $34.99 per bottle. Each bottle comes with a total of 60, single-capsule servings, so it’ll last you two full months at one a day, or half that at one month if you double up to two capsules a day.