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Enhanced gets into more mainstream categories with pre, amino and sleep

enhanced labs

Enhanced Labs is a spin-off brand of Tony Huge’s Enhanced Athlete, that has carried over a handful of supplements from that original line and introduced several new products. Considering how new or at least how recently revamped Enhanced is, the brand has done a great job at expanding its lineup to cover a lot of more mainstream type categories.

The Enhanced Labs family consists of several different weight loss and muscle building formulas, but as mentioned, it now includes many more mainstream categories. There are the pre-workouts Rage and the stimulant-free Rage Pump, the sleep supporting Sleep Juice, a stimulant-free fat burner in All Day Shred, and the full-spectrum EAA Anabolic IV.

enhanced labs

Considering Rage is Enhanced Labs’ first pre-workout, it is a relatively well-rounded and comprehensive competitor. It includes a good amount of stimulants for increased energy and mental focus, with pump and performance ingredients also in the mix. A full serving packs highlights such as 5g of pure citrulline, 2g of the PeakO2 performance blend, Dynamine, alpha yohimbine, and a solid 300mg of caffeine.

While a lot of Enhanced Labs’ newer, more traditional supplements are worth a look, as mentioned, it still has some of its more established products from Enhanced Athlete. That includes its top-selling glucose disposal agent Slin, as well as its testosterone boosters Black Ox and Blue Ox, which can be stacked together to further benefits and results.

You can pick up any of the Enhanced Labs supplements from its online store at The products are available individually as well as in automatically discounted stacks, such as the pair of Black Ox and Blue Ox with a combined $10 off.