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ESN teams up with Roman Fritz for a carbohydrate-heavy intra-workout

esn roman fritz intra drive

The popular German supplement company ESN has put together an all-new intra-workout formula, developed with its athlete an ex-Animal team member Roman “Rex” Fritz. The intriguing new product is ‘Intra Drive’, which comes with a solid combination of commonly used intra-workout ingredients, including carbohydrates for fuel and aminos for recovery.

The full serving size of ESN and Roman “Rex” Fritz’s Intra Drive is massive, weighing a post-workout or mass gainer-like 80g each, however, the majority of that is carbohydrates. Each of those servings comes with 51g of carbohydrates, all from premium Cluster Dextrin, with electrolytes, whey isolate, PeptoPro casein peptides, and free form aminos also in the mix.

The added aminos are not transparently dosed, so we’re not sure how much of each one you get per serving, but ESN does make it clear that it’s added eight of the nine EAAs, with histidine being the one missing. Intra Drive is quite a packed out intra-workout, featuring a hefty amount of ingredients to support performance, endurance, and muscle recovery.

Along with the unveiling of Intra Drive this week, ESN has also made the supplement available for purchase from its major retail partner Fitmart at ‚ā¨39.90 (44.85 USD). The product comes in the one Tropical Punch flavor with 39 regular servings per tub, but if you want the maximum serving with the full dosages mentioned, you’ll only get 13 servings.