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Functional beverage brand Farmaroot introduces a pair of ginseng-based drinks

farmaroot ginseng based empower and enlight beverages

Farmaroot is an all-new functional beverage company out of Canada that hasn’t gone in the usual direction of energy or even amino acid drinks. Farmaroot has entered the industry with two products, Enlight and Empower, both of which are ginseng-based drinks. The brand decided to go with ginseng due to the unique combination of benefits and effects it provides.

The natural adaptogen can help protect your body against the effects of stress, enhance and improve focus and cognition, and increase energy production for a boost without any caffeine. The ginseng Farmaroot uses in its beverages Enlight and Empower, is actually straight from its own farm in Ontario, Canada, giving it the ability to ensure quality control from start to finish.

farmaroot locally sourced ginseng

As mentioned, Farmaroot has two beverages available, one called Enlight and the other Empower, and both come with half a gram of ginseng, zero sugar, and five calories per 12oz can. Where the two products differ is that Empower is fortified with B vitamins and comes in a Pomegranate Blueberry flavor, while Enlight has no added B vitamins and a Sunny Citrus flavor.

Both of Farmaroot’s sparkling ginseng beverages are available for purchase directly from its website to those of you in the US and the brand’s home country of Canada. For the US, Enlight and Empower will cost you $39.99 for a case of a dozen cans, whereas Canadian customers pay $15.95 (11.79 USD) for a box of four.

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