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Redcon1 gets ready to tackle the growing gaming market with War Games

redcon1 war games

We haven’t seen too many new products from our two-time Brand Of The Year winner Redcon1 this year, but now it appears to be getting ready to release something quite interesting. The brand has dropped a label preview of its first-ever gaming supplement named ‘War Games’, formulated to enhance and elevate your gaming by way of a flavored powder product.

We don’t yet know what ingredients or dosages Redcon1 is putting into War Games, although it has previewed enough of the supplement to confirm the types of benefits it’s aiming to deliver. Much like the majority of other gaming type supplements on the market, Redcon1 has formulated War Games for extreme energy and laser focus, so again, the ideal benefits for gaming.

Redcon1 War Games is going to have the usual amount of serves per tub in 30, with each of those servings weighing a reasonable 14.7g, giving the brand plenty of room for reliable dosages. As we always say, serving sizes don’t confirm if a product is good or not, but they’re a great indicator of how much active ingredients a brand has included, and 14.7g is a reasonable amount.

Regarding the launch of Redcon1’s gaming competitor, we only know that it’s coming soon, with at least one flavor option confirmed so far in the uniquely named ‘Unicorn Blood’.

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