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IntegralMedica creates a just over half-size Protein Crisp with 7.5g of protein

integralmedica protein crisp bites

IntegralMedica is a supplement company out of Brazil that has a wide variety of products, including aminos, weight loss supplements, many protein powders, and even a BCAA-infused energy drink. Something else the brand has in its lineup is on-the-go items such as performance gels and protein bars, one of which it now has a new variant of.

Protein Crisp is one of IntegralMedica’s two on-the-go protein bars, which provides 13g of protein per bar with a crispy style build and several flavors to choose from. This week, the Brazilian brand has introduced a smaller version of Protein Crisp called Protein Crisp Bites, weighing 25g each compared to the full-size version at 45g.

IntegralMedica’s just over half-size Protein Crisp Bites do, of course, have less protein to go with that drop in size at 7.5g with 4.3g of fat, 9.1g of carbohydrates, and a total of 101 calories. The product doesn’t come in quite as many flavors as the original Protein Crisp with three of its seven to choose from in Coconut, Peanut Butter, and Hazelnut Truffle.

Another interesting detail about IntegralMedica’s Protein Crisp Bites is that they don’t come in the traditional boxes. The brand has instead packed its snack-size protein bar in bulk bags with 20 in each, including an assorted bag with a mix of its three different flavors.