Max Effort drops a Sour Gummy Pre Workout as a freebie with an XL Stack

Jun 19th, 2020
max effort muscle sour gummy pre-workout

Max Effort Muscle fans may remember, late last year, the direct-to-consumer company asked everyone to vote in a ladder-style contest on what flavor they would like to see for its pre-workout. The winner turned out to be Gummy Worm, winning over Arnold Palmer, which now appears to have finally launched, or at least some sort of candy-themed flavor has, with Sour Gummy.

As per usual, Max Effort Muscle is celebrating the arrival of its latest product with a promotion that is only available for today. Through until midnight, you can get the new Sour Gummy Pre Workout free with its five-piece XL Stack. To further sweeten the deal, Max Effort is also throwing in a full-size tub of Amino Recovery, essentially turning the XL Stack into a seven product bundle.