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More advanced Butcher Series gets a stim-free pre named Bloody Pump

swedish supplements bloody pump

Swedish Supplements has launched an all-new pre-workout supplement under its Butcher Series, which is put together in partnership with its ambassador and pro wrestler, Butcher Atterhagen. Fans of the brand will know there is already a pre-workout in the line titled ‘The Butcher’; however, the new competitor separates itself by being stimulant-free.u

The name of Swedish Supplements’ latest Butcher Series product is ‘Bloody Pump’, as that is what it’s primarily designed to do; enhance muscle pumps. The brand has packed the supplement full of ingredients to do just that, although it does have a few other features in the mix to also support and improve mental focus, performance, and endurance.

Each full serving of Swedish Supplements Bloody Pump includes 4g each of pure citrulline and GlycoPump glycerol, and 3g each of betaine and the common performance enhancer beta-alanine. There is also a gram of tyrosine for the focus effect, 2g of arginine AKG, half a gram of taurine, and closing out with 300mg each of epicatechin and glutathione.

The Butcher Series Bloody Pump is due to be available from Swedish Supplements in its home country of Sweden, sometime very soon. It’ll be on shelves in a Peach Mango flavor with what looks to be the usual amount of servings per tub in 30.