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Morphogen formulates Morphopump for benefits extending beyond the gym

morphogen nutrition morphopump

MorphoPump from Morphogen Nutrition has been completely revealed and released today, and if you caught our podcast with Ben from Morphogen, you’ll already know its quite a unique pump supplement. Typically pump formulas are primarily designed to enhance muscle fullness and density throughout your workout, but that’s not entirely the case with MorphoPump.

Morphogen Nutrition’s second pump product, second to its packed out pre-workout Volugen, is more of a well-rounded general health formula with benefits extending beyond the gym. The brand has formulated the supplement to help support blood flow and circulation, nutrient delivery, vascular health, muscle protein synthesis, and antioxidant protection, and it can be used alongside Volugen.

morphogen nutrition morphopump

Morphogen Nutrition does not recommend throwing back a full six-capsule serving of MorphoPump with a full scoop of Volugen right out of the gate. The ideal method of using the supplements together is to split up your serving of MorphoPump. Instead of having six capsules with Volugen, you’d have three in the morning and three in the evening, or two morning, two evening, and two with Volugen.

As for the ingredients behind MorphoPump, as mentioned, it aims to provide a different set of benefits compared to Volugen, so the formula behind it is equally different. Morphogen Nutrition has packed it with a gram each of epimedium and pomegranate, 200mg each of AmentoPump, beta-ecdysterone, and gluconolactone, half a gram of pine bark, 300mg of epicatechin, and vitamin B3.

You can now purchase MorphoPump directly from Morphogen Nutrition through its online store at the brand’s consistent price of $48 for a bottle of 20 servings.