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MuscleBlaze’s refreshing Sparkling Protein Water now comes in Mixed Berry

muscleblaze mixed berry protein water

MuscleBlaze’s Sparkling Protein Water is a refreshing, on-the-go protein drink combining carbonated water with premium whey isolate to give you 10g of protein per 250ml can. While it is a protein drink, its flavors are far from your traditional chocolate, vanilla or cookies and cream with more amino and pre-workout-like options in Cola and Green Apple.

This week MuscleBlaze is welcoming another option to its Sparkling Protein Water that keeps that non-traditional flavor theme alive with a second fruity recipe in Mixed Berry. It still comes with that same 10g of protein per can, 2.75g of carbohydrates with zero sugar, zero fat, and a calorie count of 50, and it has no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Directly from the India-based MuscleBlaze, Sparkling Protein Water costs just ₹580 (7.68 USD) for a case of six cans, with the new Mixed Berry now in stock and ready to purchase on its website.