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Mutant launches a weight loss infused BCAA with caffeine and CaloriBurn

mutant bcaa thermo

The legacy brand Mutant has come out with another spin-off of its amino supplement Mutant BCAA with Mutant BCAA Thermo, in its home country of Canada. As the name suggests, Mutant BCAA Thermo is a hybrid product that brings together amino acids to help with muscle recovery and repair, and a handful of ingredients to support weight loss.

Each full-serving of Mutant’s latest supplement packs 6g of BCAAs, just 1.2g less than the original Mutant BCAA and Mutant BCAA Energy. Alongside the BCAAs, the brand has a blend of electrolytes for hydration, and on the fat-burning side is 240mg of caffeine for a nice boost in energy, 20mg of CaloriBurn grains of paradise, and BioPerine for absorption.

mutant bcaa thermo

As mentioned, Mutant BCAA Thermo is only available in Canada at the moment, with three flavors to choose from in Tropical Punch, Candy Crush, and Blue Raspberry. The multi-benefit amino comes in two sizes with a regular 30 serving at $34.99 (26.11 USD) from the Supplement King, and a trial size seven serving only in Blue Raspberry at $9.99 (7.45 USD).