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Nutrabio teases something big for the 3rd of July with a familiar character

nutrabio teases mysterious product for the 3rd of july

Nutrabio is teasing something new, or at least it appears to be new, for release one day before the 4th of July, on Friday the 3rd of July. This is actually the first time in a while we’ve seen the reputable company tease a product this far out, which leads us to believe it’s going to be a big one. The teaser doesn’t include many details, but there are some clues hidden away in there.

One of the most interesting parts about Nutrabio’s teaser image for its mysterious product is the background appears to feature the leprechaun the brand used for its limited-edition Irish Whiskey Cream flavor. While the illustration and expression on the character’s face seem to be almost identical, it looks to have a white beard instead of red, and a red hat instead of green.

Based on Nutrabio’s use of the leprechaun from its Irish Whiskey Cream, we’re guessing the upcoming item is not identical, but along the same lines. We suspect it’s a new flavor for one or more of the brand’s most popular products, and like Whiskey Cream, it’ll be limited edition. Only time will tell how close our guess is, although fortunately, we don’t have that long to wait to find out more, with the 3rd of July just three weeks away.

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