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Big Flex’s sub-brand PharmGrade enters the growing immune health market

pharmgrade immune shield

PharmGrade is a sub-brand of the Indian supplement company Big Flex who we’ve featured here several times with its pre-workout Nuke, the creatine Warfare, and more recently, the amino EAA. While Big Flex’s lineup is more sports nutrition-focused, PharmGrade is a health and wellness-based brand with things like an omega-3 formula, gut health, and ZMA.

This month Big Flex’s PharmGrade is welcoming another health and wellness type supplement to the family with a dedicated immune support product in ‘Immune Shield’. Immune health is an area of the market we’ve seen several big-name brands get into over the past few months, with PharmGrade being one of the latest to do so and with quite a wide variety of ingredients.

Instead of keeping the formula short and sweet, PharmGrade’s Immune Shield has 16 ingredients. It includes all of the usual features, a lot of which are at light dosages, with vitamin D, zinc, elderberry, and just 40mg of vitamin C. Also in the mix are some not so common ingredients in 200mg of ashwagandha, a curcumin C3 complex, astaxanthin, ALA, quercetin, and echinacea.

PharmGrade’s immune system-supporting and strengthening supplement is now available for purchase directly from Big Flex’s online store where you can grab a bottle of 30 full servings at ₹1,274.25 (16.87 USD).