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Boxes of 20 single-serving sachets now available from Razorwire Energy

razorwire boxes of sachets

Just over a month ago, the gaming supplement company Razorwire Energy out of the UK, introduced a new flavor option for its flagship gaming fuel product. The brand took the supplement’s total number of tastes to three, with the previous pair of Raspberry and Cherry being joined by another fruity recipe in Apple.

Razorwire Energy has now followed up that flavor with an all-new option for its energy and focus boosting product, which was kind of already available but not in this size. The brand has taken 20 of its single-serving sachets and put them all into a box, similar to fellow and hugely popular gaming supplement competitor G Fuel.

The box of Razorwire Energy sachets is currently only available for one of the product’s three flavors in Raspberry at £17.99 (22.92 USD) directly from the brand’s website. As you’d expect, the box of sachets is not as cost-effective as the regular 60 serving tubs, but it does make things a little more convenient and efficient.

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