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Red Velvet now available for Protein Cookie Butter Powder’s vegan formula

red velvet protein cookie butter powder

Protein Cookie Butter Powder is a rather unique protein powder that you simply combine with water to turn the supplement into a delicious high protein spread, filling, or topping. The product is, of course, perfect for baking and making your own healthy treats, including protein cookies, waffles, and pancakes, with the brand also selling a handy low-calorie dessert cookbook on its website.

The reason we’ve got Protein Cookie Butter Powder in the headlines, isn’t just because it’s an interesting brand and supplement, but because it’s introduced a tasty new flavor this week. The creative, functional brand has welcomed a dessert-inspired Red Velvet flavor for its vegan-friendly Protein Cookie Butter Powder made with pea and brown rice protein, instead of its usual dairy protein sources.

You can purchase Protein Cookie Butter Powder’s new Red Velvet flavor from its website, where the brand is currently running an introductory deal with 20% off, which drops the product from its usual $25 for a 224g tub to $20.