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Limited Arnold Palmer Total War returns in time for National Iced Tea Day

redcon1 arnold palmer total war

Way back in November of 2018, our two-time Brand Of The Year winner Redcon1, released a limited edition Arnold Palmer flavor of its original pre-workout Total War. The product was also not available in all of the usual places; the brand decided to launch it as an exclusive that you could only purchase through the official Redcon1 mobile app on Android and iOS.

Today, for National Iced Tea Day, Redcon1’s Arnold Palmer Total War is back for another limited run, and this time around, you can purchase it through the brand’s website instead of just its app. The product promises a flavor experience similar to home-brewed tea with a side of freshly squeezed lemons, and of course, you get the usual, well-rounded Total War formula.

Fans of Redcon1 can grab the Arnold Palmer Total War from the brand’s online store for the pre-workout’s regular price of $39.99, but as mentioned, it’s an extremely limited release, so be sure to get in on it soon.

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