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Smaller 1lb bag size now available for Rule One’s mainstream protein powders

rule one proteins smaller 1lb bag r1 whey blend r1 protein

Rule One Proteins already had several sizes to choose from for its two mainstream protein powders R1 Whey Blend and R1 Protein. The former is a protein powder featuring a blend of whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolyzed whey, while the latter is just a mix of isolate and hydrolyzed. Previously they both had three sizes to choose from, but have now been bumped to four.

The already available sizes for Rule One Proteins’ R1 Whey Blend are 2, 5, and 10lbs, and for R1 Protein, they are 2.5, 5, and 10lb. Both supplements are now available in a new smaller option with a compact 1lb bag packing 14 servings of R1 Whey Blend and 16 servings of R1 Protein. The size is obviously not as cost-effective as the bigger ones at $16.99 for Whey Blend and $19.99 for Protein.

On top of value, another downside of Rule One Proteins’ trial-size bags of R1 Whey Blend and R1 Protein is their flavors. Both products only come in a fraction of what you can get for the more traditional sizes. There is chocolate and vanilla for either protein powder in the 1lb bag, as well as Chocolate Peanut Butter for R1 Whey Blend and Cookies and Cream for R1 Protein.