G Fuel teams up with Sega for a Sonic flavor of its energy drink and powder

Jun 23rd, 2020
sonic the hedgehog peach rings g fuel

The gaming brand G Fuel has quickly become one of the supplement industry’s collaboration kings, putting together more partnered flavors than anyone else we’ve seen. G Fuel has teamed up with streamers, ambassadors, other brands, and game companies, with today bringing news of yet another collaboration that is just as exciting, if not more, than its upcoming Moon Pie G Fuel.

The leader of the growing gaming supplement market and the official drink of eSports, has teamed up with the legendary video game developer Sega for an authentic Sonic The Hedgehog Peach Rings flavor. The collaboration is going to be available for the original G Fuel powder and the smooth zero sugar G Fuel energy drink, both featuring their usual energy and focus enhancing formulas.

Like all of the brand’s collaborations, the label designs of G Fuel’s Sonic The Hedgehog products are more than eye-catching, with the iconic character having a strong presence on the powder and drink. As mentioned, the latest G Fuel partnership is launching around the middle of August with the energy drink dropping on the 12th and the powder coming one week later on the 19th.

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