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Returning Stack3d Pro Expo to include all the tools for better presentation

stack3d pro 2020 booth builder

In nine weeks, our online nutrition and supplement expo, the Stack3d Pro, is returning after being away for a handful of years. The first day of the event is Monday the 10th of August, and it will run the entire week through to Sunday. We’ve already got a lot of big name brands confirmed for the event, so it’s definitely not something you’re going to want to miss.

To keep the excitement and hype going, this week, we have some more news to share regarding the Stack3d Pro that’ll undoubtedly raise the standard compared to our previous expos. A lot of work does go into building the pages or booths as we call them for the Stack3d Pro, however not all companies and brands have programmers and developers on hand to make them.

For the 2020 return of the Stacked Pro, we’ve created an in-house booth builder for exhibitors to easily develop and display whatever they want, without needing the know-how. As mentioned, it’ll certainly raise the bar in terms of display and presentation for all of the participating brands, and in turn, make for a much more visually enjoyable experience for visitors.

Any supplement, functional, and nutrition companies wanting to get involved in the upcoming Stack3d Pro Expo, can reach out to us using our contact form or email straight to Once again, if you’re a visitor, all we ask is that come the week of the expo, you head to to enjoy the event and share with as many people as you can.

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