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UXO Supplements jumps into the superfood category in 2020 with Ghillie Greens

uxo supplements ghillie greens

UXO Supplements has been on the market for a few years and has quite a variety of products available. Like most brands, UXO’s flagship supplement is its pre-workout ‘Send It’, which comes in two versions, the original and reformulated. The main difference between the two is the reformulated Send It has the premium focus enhancer NeuroFactor instead of juniper berry, and Nitrosigine in place of GlycerSize.

This year, UXO Supplements has expanded into an all-new category, one that’s seen a quick rise in competitiveness. Of course, the area we’re talking about is superfood, which UXO jumped into last month with a product named ‘Ghillie Greens’. The supplement features a comprehensive combination of greens that combine for a total of about 4g, with the likes of wheatgrass in the mix at a gram, all to support health, wellness, digestion, and your immune system.

uxo supplements ghillie greens

While Ghillie Greens is the latest supplement from UXO, it won’t be for long. The brand is quite frequent when it comes to reformulating and relaunching products, with its pre-workout Send It being an excellent example of that. Quickly following the release of Ghillie, UXO has already confirmed it’s planning to update three supplements in the near future with an amino, fat burner, and testosterone booster.

As soon as details on those other new UXO products come in, we’ll be sure to share them here at Stack3d, so definitely stay tuned. If you’d like to find out more about the veteran-owned brand as well as its supplements, check out its website. On there it has details about each product and the various programs it runs, including the $1 donation it makes for every item sold to help with the prevention of veteran suicide.