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Battle Snacks’ half-size Battle Bites are finally getting a second flavor

white choc toasted marshmallow battle bites mins

Earlier this year, the functional company Battle Snacks released a snack-size version of its delicious top-rated protein bar, Battle Bites. They are called Battle Bites Minis and come with one piece of the Battle Bites protein bar, whereas the original has two pieces per pack. Being half the size, the product obviously provides half the nutrition with 10g of protein and a total of 113 calories.

Another important detail for Battle Snacks’ Battle Bites Minis is that they come in just the one flavor with Chocolate Caramel, while the full-size Battle Bites have nine tastes to choose from. The news this week is that the protein snack spin-off is finally getting a second flavor to join Chocolate Caramel, and it is one of the brand’s most recent releases in White Choc Toasted Marshmallow.

Battle Snacks is saying the White Choc Toasted Marshmallow flavor of its Battle Bites Minis is going to be available sometime soon with its website due to be one of the first places stocking them.