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Weight loss brand Hydroxycut reveals its upcoming energy and fat loss drink

hydroxycut energy drink

The weight-loss specific brand Hydroxycut, from the makers of Muscletech, is coming out with a beverage simply named ‘Cut’. Like a lot of the drinks we’ve seen from brands in the supplement space, Cut is going to be an energy drink. Being that the product is by Hydroxycut, there is a bit more to it than just energy, with the brand, including ingredients for a few additional benefits outside of that.

The upcoming Hydroxycut beverage has been formulated to enhance mental focus and energy, as well as increase calorie burning and provide support for fat loss. The only ingredient we know of that’s in the product is one you probably could have guessed with caffeine. As far as nutrition goes, Hydroxycut has kept Cut guilt-free with each of its three different flavors having absolutely no sugar or calories.

The three flavors the Cut energy drink by Hydroxycut is due to launch in are Berry Lemonade, Watermelon Pomegranate, and the sweet-sounding fruity concoction, Orange Mango Pineapple. We’re not too sure when the energy and weight loss beverage is going to be available, but you will be able to purchase it in the usual cases of 12.