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South Africa’s Alpha Sports gets into immune health with Immune Defense

alpha sports nutrition vitality immune defense

Alpha Sports Nutrition out of South Africa, has just thrown itself on the lengthy list of supplement companies with a product formulated primarily to support and protect your immune system. Vitality Immune Defense is Alpha Sports’ competitor for the consistently growing category, and it features a very straightforward formula with just three different ingredients.

Vitality Immune Defense from Alpha Sports Nutrition comes with the reliable and powerful antioxidant vitamin C dosed at a solid one gram per two-capsule serving alongside 25mg of zinc and 54mcg of selenium. As mentioned, and as you can see, the supplement is indeed quite simple, at least compared to all of the other competitors now in the immune health category.

Fortunately, while Alpha Sports Nutrition’s Vitality Immune Defense is a simple product, the simplicity is reflected in the price with a full 30 serving bottle costing just R120 (7.05 USD) directly from the brand’s website.