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Blade Sport clashes two trending types in its latest supplement release

blade sport eaa collagen

The European supplement company Blade Sport has combined two trending types of products this month, one of which is more recent than the other. The latest effort from Blade Sport is ‘EAA+Collagen’, bringing together, of course, EAAs for recovery, and collagen for healthy hair, skin, and nails. The supplement is relatively straightforward regarding its formula, although it is still quite an interesting release.

The exact amount of EAAs in each serving of Blade Sport’s new EAA+Collagen is 4.05g, which isn’t an overly large amount, with the same thing to be said about its collagen at 2.6g per serving. The brand has rolled all of its ingredients into a powder product that has hit the market with a number of tastes to choose from in Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, and the less common flavors, Cola and Dragon Fruit.

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