Complete Nootropic gets a spin-off with fewer ingredients and no caffeine

Jul 31st, 2020
bulk powders complete daily nootropic

Complete Nootropic is a packed out energy and focus supplement from Bulk Powders featuring 17 active ingredients, including the likes of KSM-66 ashwagandha, phosphatidylserine, and Cognizin citicoline. This week the brand has introduced a similarly named product in Complete Daily Nootropic, which also aims to enhance focus, but with a different set of ingredients for a different situation.

Complete Daily Nootropic is Bulk Powders’ caffeine-free focus supplement, still featuring reliable ingredients, but without the energy-boosting caffeine, you get in Complete Nootropic. The product is formulated to enhance focus, cognition, and alertness, and being that it doesn’t have any stimulants, it can be used at night without worrying about being kept awake.

Compared to Complete Nootropic, Complete Daily Nootropic comes with a simpler mix of ingredients, relying on seven to follow through on its benefits. Each serving of Bulk Powders’ Complete Daily Nootropic packs 600mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, twice what’s in Complete Nootropic. You then have half a gram each of lion’s mane and gotu kola, 350mg of bacopa, 100mg of trans-resveratrol, 300mg of rhodiola, and 50mg of the absorption enhancer AstraGin.

What is essentially Bulk Powders’ stimulant-free version of Complete Nootropic, is now available on its website for slightly more than a bottle of the original at £34.99 (45.89 USD). The regular price on Complete Nootropic is actually cheaper at £29.99 (39.32 USD), although at the moment it is even lower than that as the brand is running a sale, discounting it to £19.49 (25.55 USD).

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