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Chaos Crew unveils its superfood formula Serious Greens for launch in August

chaos crew serious greens

The UK brand Chaos Crew, who recently broke into the US market thanks to its partnership with Sportlife Distribution, is getting ready to enter an all-new category next month. Like many others in the industry, Chaos Crew is jumping into the increasingly popular superfood category with a product named ‘Serious Greens’, although it has a lot more than just greens in its formula.

Chaos Crew’s Serious Greens is a relatively packed out superfood supplement with a combined total of 8g of various fruits and greens. All of the ingredients are transparently dosed, telling you exactly how much of everything you get per serving. You can see the product’s facts panel below, including the likes of 1.5g of spirulina, 400mg of strawberry, and 400mg of kale.

chaos crew serious greens

In addition to the combination of superfoods, Chaos Crew has a few extra features in Serious Greens for additional health benefits. Each serving also comes with 2g of inulin fiber, 100mg of the DigeZyme digestive enzyme blend to help with digestion, and 150mg of the branded probiotic LactoSpore to support gut health and further help with digestion.

As mentioned, Chaos Crew is looking to launch Serious Greens next month, and it will be going all around the world. The US is due to be the first place stocking the supplement, with the UK to follow roughly one week later. The brand’s fans in Australia will also be able to get their hands on it in a couple of months, with all locations getting two flavors in Pineapple Delight and Berrylicious.