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Clash Of The Cans returning August 17th for another energy drink showdown

clash of the cans

Last year we ran our first-ever Clash Of The Cans contest to find what energy drink our audience loved the most out of the mountain of products in the growing category. After receiving thousands of votes and running through more than 50 different beverages, the energy drink that came out on top and took the title was Cellucor’s tasty and high energy C4 Carbonated.

With Clash Of The Cans I turning out to be as popular as it did, we were always going to be bringing it back for a second time, and we can now confirm precisely when that event is going down. The battle to find the most popular energy drink on the market is set to return exactly five weeks from today on Monday the 17th of August, and run for the following four weeks.

The structure of this year’s Clash Of The Cans will be much the same as last year. The first week is going to be an all-on-all, where we get readers to vote on every product out there, from which the top 16 will move onto the next round. We will then do four groups of four, with the winners of those moving to the semifinals with two groups of two, then a grand final with a head to head.

Each round is going to run for a week, Monday to Sunday, and all rules will be outlined on the voting page. You’ll be able to vote by simply visiting The winner of Clash Of The Cans II will take home our new and improved trophy, which has been custom cast in premium bronze.

The rules for entrants for Clash Of The Cans II are much the same as the first time. All products voted on must be classed as energy drinks, and be out and available in the market for at least one month. The list of entries from last year will be used for round one of this year and can be seen below. Any others that you’d like to see on there, just let us know and we’ll get it added.

3D Energy
Animal NRG
Atlhetica X Zero
Bang Energy
Beyond Raw Lit On-The-Go
Biotest Spike Shooter
Burn Energy Drink
C4 Carbonated
Celsius Live Fit
Clean Cause
Clean Drink
Coca-Cola Energy
G Fuel Energy Drink
GN Labs Narc Focus
Grenade Energy
Ignite ZRO
Iron Kingdom Energy + Recovery
Kill Cliff Ignite
Lohilo BCAA Drink
‘Merica Energy
Monster Ultra
Moose Juice
Mountain Dew KickStar
Myprotein BCAA Energy
NOS Energy
Nutramino Heat BCAA
Nutrend BCAA Energy
Optimum AmiNO Energy
Performix SST RTD
Unique Life Boost
Uptime Energy
USN Qhush
Raze Energy
Red Bull
Reign Total Body Fuel
Rockstar Xdurance
Sneak Energy Drink
Solimo Energy Drink
Stacker2 Europe Extreme Energy
Xtend Energy

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