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Eddie Hall expands his ‘Beast’ brand into the CBD market with Beast Pharm

beast pharm cbd

Alpha Designs, the company behind our favorite supplement shaker the Alpha Bottle, recently helped expand Eddie ‘Beast’ Hall’s name and brand with a custom and quality weight belt. That ‘Beast’ name has now been put to good use in another area of the fitness and nutrition industry, introducing Beast Pharm, which is an all-new CBD brand from the legendary strongman.

Eddie Hall’s Beast Pharm is due to launch soon, in the UK, with a variety of flavors and formats of CBD products. The brand is going to have CBD-based, mixed fruit-flavored gummies packing 25mg per piece, and a CBD-infused massage balm with a total of half a gram per jar. There will also be the common CBD tinctures with 2g of full-spectrum CBD per bottle, unflavored and flavored.

Regarding the actual release of Beast Pharm, as mentioned, all we know is it’s coming soon, with no exact launch date or week confirmed just yet. You can, however, sign up on the brand’s website to be notified as soon as everything goes live, and if you do, you’ll also get a coupon code to save 10%.

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