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Extrifit teams up with Zmrzlibar for its own exclusive protein ice cream

extrifit x zmrzlibar protein ice cream

Starting next week, the Czechia-based supplement company Extrifit is going to start offering an all-new collaborative product exclusively at its official Extrifit Gyms. The product has been created in partnership with Zmrzlibar, which is a healthy ice cream shop that, like the brand’s gyms, is located in the city of Hradec Králové less than a mile’s walk from the Resslova Extrifit Gym.

The product the two companies have come together to create is, of course, a frozen treat that combines Zmrzlibar’s functional ice cream with Extrifit putting an extra protein twist on it. The result is a delicious high protein ice cream, that as mentioned, is going to be exclusively available from the supplement company’s two gym locations in Hradec Králové, from next week onward.

We’re not sure on the exact nutrition profile of the Extrifit and Zmrzlibar collaborative ice cream, only that it’s high in protein, and likely as low as could be in carbohydrates and fat while still keeping a great taste.

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