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Popular functional brand Foodspring tweaks its high protein oats product

foodspring protein porridge

The popular functional brand Foodspring out of Germany, has relaunched its Protein Porridge with a slightly different nutrition profile, although the product itself and its ingredients are still much the same. What Foodspring’s Protein Porridge is exactly, is a container of oat flakes to make traditional porridge, but infused with additional milk protein powder to give it a higher amount of protein.

The new version of Foodspring’s product marginally mixes up the macros with its nutrition profile now starting with a solid 18.9g of protein per 60g serving. The rest of its numbers are 16.1g of carbohydrates with 7.5g of that sugar, 11.1g of fiber, 6.4g of fat, and 220 calories. The macros do vary slightly across Protein Porridge’s four familiar flavors in Chocolate, Vanilla, Forest Berry, and Apple Cinnamon.

Foodspring’s website is now listing and stocking its tweaked Protein Porridge, where its price is also the same as its predecessor at €14.99 (17.47 USD) for a can of seven servings.