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Gaspari’s explosive fat burner returns to support energy, focus and weight loss

gaspari nutrition dtn8

As promised, Gaspari Nutrition has officially launched its returning weight loss supplement DTN8, inspired by its original hit from many years ago that went by the more complete name, ‘Detonate’. With the release has come the reveal of the full formula behind the product which is, of course, different from the original with quite a wide variety of ingredients and benefits.

Gaspari Nutrition has formulated its more modern DTN8 to increase energy and mental focus, like most competitors in the saturated category, as well as help with fat loss and provide stress support. Another major highlight of the supplement is that its formula is fully transparent, so the ingredients are listed with their exact dosages, except for its various sources of natural caffeine.

gaspari nutrition dtn8

You can see the facts panel for Gaspari Nutrition’s newest fat burner DTN8 in the image above, including 275mg of natural caffeine, and the common weight loss ingredients grains of paradise and capsicum extract. There is also a separate group of ingredients for the stress and cortisol control benefits, featuring ashwagandha, theanine, 5-HTP, and olive leaf extract.

Gaspari Nutrition’s DTN8 is now available for purchase directly through its website, where the fat burning product carries a regular price of $42.99 for a box of 30 servings. The brand is however, running a sale for the 4th Of July where everything is 25% off, so instead of $43, a box of DTN8 will currently cost you $32.24.