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Specialist brand Genius takes on immune health with Genius Immunity Shield

genius immunity shield

When it comes to specialist supplements, the orange-themed Genius Brand is one you can rely on. Over the years, the company has expanded its lineup into a wide variety of categories and corners of the market. The brand has you covered from mainstream spaces like pre-workout, weight loss, and protein powder, through to heart health, digestion, and gaming.

This month the Genius Brand has added another category to the extensive list of areas it covers with its immune health supplement Genius Immunity Shield. The product brings together a handful of vitamins and minerals, as well as several more not-so-traditional ingredients, all in an effort to protect and support your immune system.

genius immunity shield

On the vitamin and mineral side, Genius Brand’s Genius Immunity Shield comes with vitamins A, C and D, and selenium. You then have the supplement’s more premium features, including 350mg of echinacea, 150mg of birch bark, and a hefty half a gram of elderberry. There is also a branded ingredient in the mix with 250mg of Wellmune beta-glucan.

As per usual, the latest supplement from the Genius Brand is available first through the online retail giant Amazon. Through there, Genius Immunity Shield will cost you $29.99 per tub, each packing the usual amount of servings at 30 to see you through a full month.