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Top-rated Got7 Nutrition partners with Prometeus to spread across Europe

got7 nutrition prometeus

Got7 Nutrition has long been one of our favorite functional food companies due to its delicious and ever-growing variety of products. Over the years, the brand has expanded into several different types of snacks and functional items and has always deserved to be all over the world. This week Got7 Nutrition is a step closer to that global takeover with its biggest distribution partnership to date.

The German company has teamed up with Prometeus, the largest and premier supplement distributor of Europe. It handles several up and coming to big-name brands across the continent, and now it’s added Got7 Nutrition to that list of companies. The news gets even more exciting when you hear how many of the brand’s products Prometeus has picked up as it has certainly not held back.

The supplement and nutrition distributor is carrying almost everything from Got7 Nutrition from Pancake Mix and Protein Tortilla Wraps, to its on-the-go snacks Call Me Jack and loaded I Am Tasty Protein Bar. Basically, if you’re in Europe, you can look forward to seeing the delicious, creative, and reputable Got7 lineup in a lot more stores in the coming weeks and months.