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Inspired shares a mysterious teaser of the first product with its new president

inspired mysterious potentially dvst8 supplement

After a few months of silence, Inspired Nutraceuticals came out firing, two weeks ago with an announcement that should’ve got fans extremely excited for the second half of the year. Our Brand Of The Year for 2019 confirmed the founder of NTel Nutra and maker of the reputable Arez pre-workout family, Landon Suggs, had joined the team as president, to help out in all areas of Inspired.

The first development from that partnership of Landon Suggs and Inspired has surfaced, and it’s definitely looking like the pair is kicking off its association with a bang. The brand has dropped a teaser image featuring what looks to be a traditional pre-workout or amino tub. The product is mostly blacked out, with the only detail we can see being a graphic of a stylized vendetta mask.

inspired mysterious potentially dvst8 supplement

We’re not sure what the artwork relates to or what kind of supplement it’s trying to suggest it is, but if we had to guess, this could be the pre-workout Inspired said it was working on. The big, bold graphic on the product’s face also points at it being a pre-workout, as it is the same approach the brand took with its exclusive DVST8 BBD featuring a giant wolf illustration on the front.

More updates on the mysterious new supplement should be on the way, with the actual launch of potentially new DVST8 pre-workout not expected to be all that far away.

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