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Kaged Muscle enhances glutamine with microencapsulation technology

kaged muscle microencapsulated glutamine

Just a day after teasing and hyping it, Kris Gethin’s supplement brand Kaged Muscle has gone and unveiled what we suspected to be an all-new glutamine-based product. It turns out that is what the team has put together, however much like its creatine CreaClear, which has the same teal-colored tub as the Kaged glutamine, there is a bit of a twist to the supplement.

What makes Kaged Muscle’s Microencapsulated Glutamine so different is the powder is infused with premium microencapsulation technology. The technology makes the glutamine a lot more bioavailable, with 20 times faster absorption. Each serving of the product provides 5g of glutamine, which Kaged recommends taking four times a day for a total of 20g of glutamine.

We don’t know the price of Kaged Muscle’s Microencapsulated Glutamine, but we imagine it’s going to be more than a typical tub of unflavored glutamine, once again, similar to the brand’s CreaClear against regular creatine powder. Kaged has put together a detailed breakdown of its upcoming supplement on its website, and will be available from Tuesday of next week.

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