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Plant-based Macro Mike releases new baking mixes and a delicious cookie

macro mike the clean cookie

Macro Mike out of Australia, has come through with three new products this week, two of which are healthy baking mixes and the other is an entirely new and delicious looking snack. The baking mixes from the functional brand are both plant-based and powered by almond protein with one built to help you make high-protein waffles, and the other, tasty banana nut bread.

As for Macro Mike’s delicious-looking new snack, the team has introduced The Clean Cookie. As per the name, the product is indeed a tasty cookie featuring a clean nutrition profile, primarily relying on almond protein to give it 16g of protein per cookie. The chocolate chip filled snack’s other macros are 19.8g of carbohydrates with 10.2g of that sugar, 8.9g of fat, and 225 calories.

You can grab all of Macro Mike’s latest functional and on-the-go treats from its website, where the new Waffle and Banana Nut Bread baking mixes will cost you $19.99 (13.82 USD) for a 300g bag. The Clean Cookie comes in the one Chocolate Chip Almond Shortbread flavor and has a price of $5.95 (4.11 USD) per cookie, or you can grab a box of 12 at $4.99 (3.45 USD) each.