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Whimps and Rose Champagne ISO-Amino are being cleared out at $25 for 5

man sports iso amino clearance sale

Back in May, we saw MAN Sports clear out one of the many flavors of its great-tasting, BCAA-based amino supplement, ISO-Amino. That flavor was the Nerds candy-like Dorks, which was dropped to a clearance level price of $7.99. The brand is now looking to do the same with two other flavors of ISO-Amino, although this time around, the deal takes the product even lower.

MAN Sports is clearing out its Whimps banana candy-flavor of ISO-Amino, and its original Rose Champagne. The discount the past Brand Of The Year winner is offering is a huge 83%. Instead of MAN’s usual direct-to-consumer price of $29.99 for a 30 serving tub of ISO-Amino, it is just $25 for five tubs. That works out to only $5 each, and you pick the flavor for each of the five.

To get in on MAN Sports’ Whimps and Rose Champagne ISO-Amino sale, head to this page here on its website. Through there, all you need to do is select your five flavors of the supplement, then complete the checkout process as per usual.

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