‘Merica Energy drops to just $15 a case when buying two for the 4th Of July

Jul 2nd, 2020
merica energy buy one get one sale

Through until this coming Saturday, the team at ‘Merica Labz is running a huge 4th Of July sale on its delicious, and in our opinion best-tasting energy drink out there, in ‘Merica Energy. Directly through its website, the brand is doing a buy one get one free on the tasty beverage, which at $29.99 for a case of 12, works out to just $15 per case or $1.25 a can, when buying in a single flavor.

As great as that deal on ‘Merica Energy is, that’s not where ‘Merica Labz promotion for the 4th Of July ends. The brand is also doing a buy one get one for its protein-packed Beef Stix, and it is discounting everything else available on its website by a strong 25%. There is no coupon code required for the savings, just visit mericalabz.com, and you will see all of the prices automatically discounted.

It is also worth mentioning that in line with the deals and discounts ‘Merica Labz has on offer; it has made its two new flavors of Suprimos available with Alpine Pew Pew and Wild Blue Yonder. They do, of course, fall under that 25% sale where you can get tubs at $32.99 down from $43.99, with the 4th Of July promotion due to end as mentioned earlier, this Saturday.