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Upcoming MHN taking on the multi market to start with a premium approach

modern hardcore nutrition fierce5

Modern Hardcore Nutrition is an all-new supplement company that is currently gearing up to take on the industry in several major categories. The brand will be hitting mainstream spaces such as pre-workout and multivitamin, which is something we have details on today. Modern Hardcore has shared details on its vitamin and mineral product, although it is a whole lot more than that.

Fierce5 is going to be one of Modern Hardcore Nutrition’s first few supplements, and it is indeed a multivitamin. The catch with this one though is that it is a 5-in-1 type product, coming with a lot more than your traditional vitamin and mineral competitor. The brand’s multivitamin is definitely a more premium supplement, also featuring ingredients to boost testosterone and virility, as well as support digestion and prostate health.

modern hardcore nutrition fierce5

Modern Hardcore Nutrition has packed Fierce5 will a full blend of vitamins and minerals, as you can see in detail in the image above. Alongside that is a blend of ingredients for testosterone and estrogen support, an enzyme complex for digestion, and a blend for prostate health. There are a whole bunch of other individually dosed ingredients for even more health benefits, as well as a light blend of over 20 different superfoods.

Modern Hardcore Nutrition is looking to hit the market with Fierce5, which wraps its lengthy list of ingredients in a five tablet serving, sometime within the next few weeks. As well put together as the premium multivitamin is, it won’t be all the brand is hitting the market with. Modern Hardcore does have other products up its sleeve, although details on those aren’t due to be shared until we get closer to its big debut.