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Morphogen drops a Vanilla Cola flavor for its premium amino Synthegen

morphogen nutrition vanilla cola synthegen

Earlier today, we posted about Morphogen Nutrition’s teaser for its new flavor of the amino cocktail Synthegen, which the brand has now decided to reveal and release. Based on the colors Morphogen used in its teaser, we suspected, like a few other fans and followers, that the flavor would be a cola-type taste or potentially some sort of tea, and it is indeed one of those two.

Available starting today from Morphogen Nutrition is a Vanilla Cola Synthegen. The flavor is quite unique, as while we have seen a good amount of cola-flavored supplements around the world, we’ve only seen a couple combine it with vanilla. The product is now in stock and ready to purchase from Morphogen’s online store at its consistent supplement price of $48 per tub.

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