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Muscle Blaze gives India its first immune supporting protein powder

muscleblaze fuel one whey protein immunity

India’s big name brand MuscleBlaze has a new entry this week for its Fuel One line of performance nutrition supplements. The latest effort from the brand is similar to the other items in the collection, being a protein powder. There is, however, a small twist to the product in that it is infused with additional ingredients that make it unlike anything else in the brand’s home country.

MuscleBlaze’s latest launch is Fuel One Whey Protein Immunity, which does give away its point of difference in its name. The supplement is a whey protein powder infused with a handful of ingredients to support and protect your immune system. The macros on the hybrid product include a reliable 24g of protein from whey, 4.5g of carbohydrates, no sugar, and 2.1g of fat.

Where the immune side of the supplement comes in, is alongside that high protein nutrition profile, MuscleBlaze has thrown in four additional ingredients. Also included in Fuel One Whey Protein Immunity is a moderate 20mg of vitamin c, 5mcg of vitamin d, 6mg of zinc, and lastly, a light 200mg of premium, KSM-66 branded ashwagandha.

MuscleBlaze’s newest member of the Fuel One family is already out and available in India, with two flavor options to choose from in a traditional Chocolate and a stackable Unflavored. They both come in bags with the usual amount of servings in 30, and directly from the brand’s website, Fuel One Whey Protein Immunity will cost you a reasonable ₹1,236 (16.50 USD).